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  1. How much is shipping in the connected USA?  It is FREE! Nada! Zip! Nil! Zero! 
  2. Can you ship outside the connected USA?  Yes, we can.  Call 800 383 0247 for more information or email us at 
  3. Can I specify the color for each letter?  We can accommodate specific colors for letters.  If using only the colors that we have in stock, there is an extra charge of $5.00.  If you wish to use colors outside our stock colors, you will need to provide the color and an extra charge of $10.00 will apply.  When ordering a special color combination, call 800 383 0247 for assistance. 
  4.  Can you do another language such as Hebrew or Cyrillic?  Yes. We have done Hebrew and Cyrillic letters.  Call 800 383 0247 for assistance. 
  5. Can you put in an accent mark or umlaut?  Yes.  We have added several different accent marks.  Call us at 800 383 0247 for assistance. 
  6. I want to have more than 10 letters in 2 names.  Is there any way to do this?  If the total letters do not exceed 12, we can put the two names together with a capital letter where the second name starts.  If more than 12 letters, call us at 800 383 0247 for assistance. 
  7.  I live close to your shop and want to pick up my order.  Is this possible?  You will need to let us know when you check out that you wish to pick up your order.  We will call you when it is ready to schedule a time to get your order.  
  8.  I have an idea for something that you do not offer.  Can you do it?  We are always looking for new product ideas.  Give Jim a call at 800 383 0247 and he can discuss it with you.  If we are able to bring it to market, we will sell you the first one for half price. 
  9.  Will you do a one time custom idea, such as an award, trophy or sign?  Yes we can.  Call Jim at 800 383 0247 for assistance with your project.  We have done many different special projects for businesses, churches and organizations.  If it is beyond our limitations, we will be able to let you know who to discuss it with. 
  10. Do you offer Gift Certificates?  We offer certificates in product amounts and dollar amounts.  Go to the Name Stools section for more info.
  11. Do you sell wholesale?  Yes we do.  Contact Jim at 800 383 0247 for more information or email him at
  12. I have a company where we send gifts to employees and customers.  Do you have a Corporate Program?  Yes we do.  There are a few rules, 1. Must be a registered physical business; 2. Minimum of 6 orders per year;  Call Jim at 800 383 0247 or email him at for more information.
  13. I see that you offer Gift wrap.  What does it look like?      Gift Wrap Selections
  14. What if I lose a puzzle piece / letter ? We provide FREE replacement letters for lost or broken pieces . We only charge the shipping cost. Contact Jim at 800 383 0247 for more ordering replacement pieces.
  15. You didn't answer my question.  We try to answer most questions here but we can't think of everything.  So give us a call at 800 383 0247 and we will be happy to assist you.