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Our Story

How It All Started

Let’s go back to 1985, into a hollow field in Ferguson, MO. There we will find a barn, perched at the edge of the forest known as Hollow Woodworks. Jim Beecher, the chief puzzler and owner has been working to innovate unique masterpieces for you. He has been perfecting his long-lasting, meaningful, works of art for quite a while to ensure you receive a top-notch quality product.  

Core Values & Mission

Whatever you desire, we deliver. Jim and his team strive to fulfill your needs. They have worked countless hours to come up with a streamlined process so they can produce each item with extreme care and efficiency. The personalization in your product does not simply end at production; we make sure that you have the shopping experience you deserve, from ordering your handcrafted wood piece to opening that big brown box.

The Ferguson Small Business Community

It’s unfortunately quite rare nowadays to find a quality product that is made in America, but Hollow Woodworks creates wooden products right in Ferguson, MO. Hollow Woodworks, used the riots that broke out in 2015 as a catalyst for change. Jim shows the world how the beautifully hand-made products his local company creates exemplify the beauty of his community.  He employs community members and teaches them skills, further enabling the community to become self-sustaining. With one product and one customer at a time, he enhances the Ferguson Small Business Community that remains near and dear to his heart.